Injection Molding

In-house production of automotive parts is available using 50t-850t class injection machines. In recent years the addition of synthetic leather and other materials has also increased. As a result, a variety of surfacing processes are also available, including coating and galvanization.
Automotive parts currently being molded and assembled at Tohoku Koryo.
Conveyance trays for Automotive engine parts. In recent years the need for plastic parts has been increasing.
Molded products are produced for use in a wide range of fields to meet the demand for parts created to strict specification, such as sirocco fans for air-conditioners, backup rings for hydraulic cylinders, special gas cylinders, or insect repellent containers.
We also handle parts for items such as convenience store POS systems and nursing devices. Items such as filter inserts and double thread screws require high levels of technological expertise.
Parts for pachinko slot machines. Swift, short-notice and large-scale supply is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
Molded filter products for various usages such as purifier, water apparatus, and so on. Also deal with brand new materials from tetron and nylon filter to polyester felt with a special molding method, and provide products of any kinds of material at low cost. In addition, it is advancing into the field of the molded products for the medical treatment for dialysis.
Currently, our Thailand plant which was made into a clean room is producing products such as stick glue, correction tape and tape glue. The molding such as various kinds of ball-point pen, marker pen or the cosmetics container is performed under the clean environment in the country.
An interface for low frequency therapy equipment. We are able to handle fairly large-scale medical equipment parts.
Have managed a lot of molded products such as the nozzle of the toilet bowl with warm water flush system or parts of electric pump etc, by utilizing the special mold base (long sleeve cavity and core pin) technology for ball-point pen.